Dear colleagues,

After over a year of hard work we are finally ready to launch our new online learning tool Medical German.

It is an online course for doctors that want to come and work in German. We not only prepare you for notorious language exams such as the Fachsprachprüfung (FSP for short) but also want to prepare you for the "real" life as a doctor working in a german hospital.

All our courses are created and taught by doctors that work in clinical practise in a hospital in Germany. We have multiple years of experience in preparing students for the Approbation process in Germany, working in international teams in Germany, conducting trainings and teaching medical education.

We have a free course that teaches you all the necessary basic german vocabulary needed to survive the first day in a German hospital. Our paid courses take that concept further: You learn through online videos and course studies the most important things about doctor-patient communication (such as Anamnese), doctor-doctor-communication (such as documentation and Arztbrief) and also we have our flagship course that offers a high-value preparation for the Fachsprachprüfung (or FSP).

With this new platform we hope to bring a new valuable tool for our fellow colleagues that want to come and work in Germany.